Epicor 10 and Avalara TLS 1.2

Hey there mega-minds! We’re using Epicor version 10.1.500.16 and need to find out if we’re compatible with TLS 1.2 for Tax Connect. I’ve read that versions using REST or SOAP don’t have to worry about upgrading, but I can’t find if our version uses those. Does anyone using our version, or close to it, know how to be sure we can use TLS 1.2? Thanks for your time and any help you can provide.


We’re running into the same issue… Please let us know if you find something.


Do you have a test environment pointed at the dev avalara? That’s a good way to test.

Our test environment is set to “https://avatax.avalara.net/”. I was reading about a test sandbox account that you could create with Avalara, but it was expired now. :frowning:

You may want to contact your rep. I don’t know how the sandbox works. I didn’t know something could expire.

But yeah, in short, if your test epicor server is set up like your live one in terms of TLS you should be able to test that 1.2 is working by trying out avalara sandbox.

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Here is Microsoft document how to update TLS for older .NET Framework

maybe it can help in your case


In addition to Olga’s perhaps uncheck the old settings via Internet Options, see if it works.

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Avalara is a little weird about their sandboxes. We had one for a while. They expire and have a hefty fee on top of regular services.