Epicor 10 Customization speed

I have noticed that once EP9 customizations are converted for EP10 they are way way slower when initially loading. Even removing older unused customizations did not speed up the initial load.

Is there a way to speed up the initial loading of a screen that has customizations?


Apologies in advance, but did you review the conversion guide? There are few things in there that should help.

No, I did not read the conversion guide. I am a novice at this. Where would I find the conversion guide?

Go to https://epicweb.epicor.com/products/epicor-erp-10/documentation (requires Epicor login)

Expand the folder for base release - the one for you version, without the .xx. (it should have a very high file count)

Then in the Deliverable - Tech Ref folder …

There’s lots of good doc in there. You should probably download them all for future reference.


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Thank you.
Will download and see if it can help me with why the converted customizations are slow in their initial loading.