Epicor 10 - Electronic Interface to Import AP Payments

Hi All,
I’m hoping someone can help me with automating AP Payment Entry processing. We receive .csv files from our bank with check, ach or cc data. Instead of a user manually entering all check information can we use the Payment Method – Electronic Interface to create batches which would do the import for us? Does anyone have any instructions on doing this? We are on 10.2.100 and .200 at different sites. I have attempted to use DMT however I receive errors and I’ve also tried to create an updatable dash that also kicks back with errors. I then realized I could possibly import and if I can just get past the setup issue this seems like it would make the most sense. Thanks in advance for any and all of your feedback!

You need to seutp an Electronic Interface for your file to import there isn’t going to be one that is built in that matches your file (or at least its un-likely) so you’ll have to write your own.


Ok, this area is new to me. So I could use generic, .csv? It’s that simple?

I would check this help topic.

The help topic in my version wasn’t very helpful.

I did set up an EI. Can’t seem to figure out how to pull in to Batch Payment.

Do we need to have SC or ECM to implement this? Maybe that is the huge step I’m missing. Thanks for any feedback and your time. :slight_smile:

You do not need SC or ECM just the interface defined

Those are not needed for this, but it is always a mystery to me what turns on some menus or features. I have a menu item called Bank Payment Confirmation Import. We don’t use it since we send ACH files to the bank. When I do a test it gives me this below. I would contact support for a document on how to process the files.