Epicor 10 How can I know if a user has opened a Form?

Hello all,
Is there a “vanilla” way to know if a user has opened a particuliar menu today? a table somewhere showing that this user has used/currently using this menu today?

I have a customization I need to be active and instead of asking all users to close Epicor and re-open… maybe I can target this request to only a few…?



There is nothing built in to tell you this unfortunately

If you just need to have Epicor cycled on the PCs for those users who click a particular menu item that has changed, just contact those users and ask them to cycle Epicor on their PC.

Not helpful now, but for future use : If you don’t want the users to cycle Epicor to pull in the menu item change if they don’t have to ( if they’ve already logged out and back in and thus have the menu item change already ), put a marker on the new Customization. Changing the name of the form to indicate a new version works, or a small label on the default tab. If the users see the changed form name, or the small label marker, they already have the new Customization and don’t have to cycle Epicor.

This also helps the users to know if they need to recreate their Favorites if the old version is still in the system.

Ken Brunelli

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Well that is the point, It is a long process for me to find the users as access is made via groups of users. The menu has security SEC888 assigned.
This SEC888 has 20 different groups allowed to access, each group having users.

In the table UserFile, the field GroupList has a list of groups, this user has access, seperated by squigly (~) character.
In the Security table, the field EntryList has all the groups assigned to the sec888 security ID.

If I could join the two tables to uniquely find the users assigned to the groups, which are assigned to the security group ID that would be great! But I am having an issue with all the GroupList and EntryList seperated by a character… I was not successful at generating the list… ideally within a BAQ… If anyone have made this work?

I already have the top of the form with the name and version of the customization. But users still need to close Epicor and reopen in order to have access to the latest assigned version.

Are you saying there is a way that they do not need to reset their access to view new versions?