Epicor 10 How to Get Customer Number from ttOrderHed in BPM

In Data Directive BPM, I have created one BPM to Trigger Email when a New Sale Order generates. I am Getting OrderNum from ttOrderHed but I am Unable to Get Customer Number & Order Amount from ttorderhed table it is showing zero value.


  1. New Sale Order Can Be Created directly from Order Entry Screen
  2. New Sale Order Can Be Created from Opportunity / Quote Entry -> Create Sale Order

In Both BPM Triggers but No Values are Coming

Kindly Help.

what column are you triggering on? When the record is initially created it won’t have a custnum until the user/process changes or sets the sold to field.

hi Rob,

I want to send an email notification to primary sales person when a New sale order header creates through opportunity / Quote Entry Form -> Create Sale Order Screen.

I have created one Data Directive BPM, where I am checking Condition like RowMod is ‘A’ if it is true it will assign variables like Order Number, Customer Number & Total Order Amt from ttorderhed table

Problem is BPM is Triggering & Condition is true but I am only getting Order Num from ttorderhed table.Rest of the Values from ttorderhed table like Order Amount & Customer Number is null. Could you help me how can i get those values ?

Note:- I tried to use Linq Query also its not working.