Epicor 10 - Making Tracker Fields Multiline in an embedded dashboard

Hi Epicor community,

As you know you can not only have a stand-alone dashboard, but also an embedded dashboard using Sheet Wizard.
I have a dashboard that has a tracker field and is embedded in a menu.
This tracker field is there to show the (usually) long text in a column.
The problem is that in a stand-alone dashboard you can apply a simple customization and make the tracker field multiline however in an embedded one this does not stay.

In other words when I apply it during the process of customization, it seems to take effect. As soon as I exit the menu and return, the customization in terms of making the tracker field Multiline is gone.

Could you please advise how to tackle this?

Make sure the Behavior Properties are set Multiline = true, and WordWrap = True. Normally I do all my fields in the customization. I have not had good luck with adding native fields to the dashboard in the tracker view. Instead, I use the dashboard to create a blank tracker view, then customize it and add the fields I want.

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