Epicor 10 Quote Management Module User Guide

Looking for any tech reference/user guide to the quoting module in Epicor. Simple explanations on how the different functions are used would suffice.

Trying to onboard a new estimator from scratch without the assistance of the previous person in this role. Any information would be helpful.


Did you already look in the Application User Guide for anything on quoting?

There is a Quote Management Course guide in the Epicor Embedded Education (only if you’ve licensed the Education module), and on Epicweb in the Documentation area there is Epicor ERP Application User Guide (this is what @utaylor referred to above).

The Quote Management Course Guide is pretty detailed, and the Epicor User Guide goes over every module from a 35,000-ft view covering just the basics.

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A lot of things are either detailed or general and to make it even more difficult there is no single approach to how you should use the quoting module. You can make use of the tools however you would like.

@Ernie I haven’t taken the embedded education quoting course in a while, do they go into detail about methods and markups and all of that?

There are sections (with workshops) on both “Manufacturing Details” and “The Quote Worksheet and Quote Markups”, both of which discuss and demonstrate the basic functionalities. It’s by no means a graduate-level course, but it exercises things so that you can understand what it’s doing and how to make it work.

Right, the hard part is applying it all to the process that @Zach has there. And with no knowledge of how it was being done, there is no one-size-fits-all approach that is outlined in the user guides so he will have to adapt as needed.

Yes thank you I’ve showed him the Application User Guide which helped with the basics. The biggest issue I’m having is as you mentioned this module is highly versatile which is helpful in some regards but leads to more processes/training for a new user to be able to utilize it effectively.

I found a basic quoting entry tutorial video online which in conjunction with the user guide has given us a starting point at the very least.

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Keep an eye on the video trainings in the Epicor Learning Center… Epicor is moving their Education to that format (and probably away from the Education Course Guides as well) so there will likely be more and better videos coming.

Yeah I tried to look at the epicor learning center for any videos. I didn’t see many right now on quoting.

There may be some in the Knowledge on Demand platform.