Epicor 10 Sales Tax (yeah – it’s everybody’s favorite)

Apologies for the long winded question/explanation:

We’re in the process of converting from Vantage to E10. The subject(s) of Sales Taxes – both in V8 and in E10 have come to a head. Particularly in E10, how are people defining the complexities of sales tax within Epicor?

Example, our finance people are trying to make it easy for people to locate sales tax codes and rates within Epicor 10. In the Tax Region table; they currently define the tax code as a character of 2 digits followed by a sequential number associated to the county that they have associated to the county. Since the code is limited to 4 characters AND the state has more than 99 different sales tax rates, you can easily see the dilemma. States like California, Louisiana and a host of others have many layers of Sales Tax.

I’m asking is how do other people have their sales tax codes, rates and tax liabilities setup inside of Epicor 10? Or does everyone just say to heck with it (because it is too complicated) and gone to Avalara / Sales Tax Connect? We’d like to get this dilemma corrected in V8 and then come up with a way to migrate it to E10 if possible.

The other question/part of this is, what sales tax information is required if we WERE to sign with Avalara? Do they help in supplying all of the sales tax codes/rates information to Epicor or do all we have to do is identify those customers that are tax exempt and Avalara does the rest? Just wondering.

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If your are selling into many different states with varying tax
requirements then you should really consider Avalara. They will bill you on
a monthly basis, but all the tax calculations and setups are done by them
on the fly with each customer shipment. They will automatically create the
tax codes behind the scenes for you, and you can use your online account to
go to their website and download sales tax information.

There is not a lot of setup to Avalara, we have used them in multiple
implementations over the years

Mark Wagner
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We use Avalara. We found even with a limited number of parts requiring tax calculations it is worth the cost to have Avalara manage it for us. Set the tax category on the part and a few other setup and accounting’s life got so much better. We have them also file in the states we have Nexus, again another time saver in accounting.

Kristine Fierce
Business Systems Analyst
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Thanks for the reply and additional information. Much appreciated.

Thank you!