Epicor 10 / ZT410 Label Printer

Has anyone been able to get the ZT410 label printer to print 4 x 4 without using Bartender in Epicor 10 (SSRS only)? The problem we are having is that it prints the label like the size of a postage stamp. I reached out to support and they basically told me it could be a number of things - drivers, printer preferences, change the SSRS report sizes. Changing each SSRS report size seems a bit extreme. I have tried different drivers and configurations and nothing seems to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your SSRS Report should be 4 x 4 for best output. If your SSRS Report is 8x11, it will always shrink.

However when you reach the Print Dialog (where you select your Printer) right click there on the ZT410 and go to Properties there will be a setting to set a User Defined Size and you might even have to set it to the Default Size Preset. Basically set all those Properties to 4x4 and it should Print much better.

Somehow Windows acts a bit different when it comes to reading the settings during Print Time vs Just going to Printer Settings via Control Panel.

In either case, make sure both have at the least 4x6 configured

I find it sometimes when I set these settings via Control Panel they are not flowing to the Print Dialog, once I set them at the time of the Print Dialog - they seem to stick, so tweak them on both ends I would say :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the quick response.

I have confirmed these settings on my client:

Our default is 4 x 4.

When I go into our test environment and try printing a tag, it does print the correct size but then spits out 2 blank labels.

Confirmed SSRS report size was set to 4x4 as well:


Make sure your Report is 4x4 truely, including the Body Size not just page size… usually you get extra Blanks when there is 1 object outside of the 4x4 size… So change your Interactive Size and everything else to 4x4, perhaps even your margins to 0.15in.

Click on the Body, make sure its within the 4x4 range etc…

FWIW, we’ve never had good luck with using SSRS and the zebra printers. That’s why we use bartender from pretty much all of it. We even had a consultant try to make simple part label report, it didn’t work right without having to tweak settings every time you printed.

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I had issues with that at one point and it turned out my DPI was set too high/low (don’t remember which).
Try playing with the DPI settings to find one that works.