Epicor 11 demo or trial version

Hi all,

Its there a way to have a demo or trial version for epicor 11 ? how does it work? Does it have full access for development or is it just data? Do we need to be a partner to do so?


If you are planning to buy you can get a demo from Epicor

If you just want to solution/develop you are SOL unless you are a paying partner.

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but I just want to play with epicor D= , too bad.

@Jaime_Hernandez Your version on your profile is 10.1.400 if you are current on support you can download and install the latest. If you don’t want to try converting your data you could just install the training db and app server.

I am not currently working with epicor anymore its for an extenal app. =B

Got it. Back to SOL.


FML :confused: . Thanks guys for the insights.