Epicor 9.05.702A: Automatic Email for Completed Qty on Specific Ops

Hi All,

I am trying to create a BPM that sends a notification email to our Traffic department whenever a quantity for the Pack and Ship operation has been completed with the following information:

Sales Order Num

PO Num

Job Num

Part Num



Qty Complete


Job Due Date

I can't figure out which BO to create the BPM on? Is Labor.Update the best BO to go with?

Also... my criteria is as follows:

method changed the LaborDtl.LaborQty filed of the LaborDtl (for each LaborDtl no-lock where LaborDtl.OpCode = 'SHP-2' Or LaborDtl.OpCode = 'SHP-3' Or LaborDtl.OpCode = 'SHP-4') query from any to another value.

send e-mail synchronously based on the Ship Notification template

Any ideas and/or suggestions?