Epicor 9.05 all GL Accounts Reactivated by End-User

Script or customization for Epicor 9.05.701 to deactivate or delete default GL accounts and older accounts that were recently re-activated by end user. One of my users ran the Capture COS/WIP Activity and placed a check mark on the ‘Capture Outdated transactions’ causing all default GL accounts and older accounts that were inactive to active.
The GL went from approximately 4,000 lines to over 300,000 causing GL Financial reports to take in excess of 20 minutes to generate.

I have requested an Epicor quote for a program fix but have not heard from the customization team. Has anyone had experience with this having to remove the extra accounts and do you have any suggestions on a program to take care of the extra accounts that are showing? The alternative to the program fix is to manually remove the extra accounts.


I haven’t done much work at all with GL Accounts, but is this something you could create a query to track all of the records you want changed and then perform a mass update with them in the DMT?


thank you for the reply - I had not seen it earlier.
I ended up opening a case with Epicor support and this is going to be a custom fix. At this time I don’t have details on the process Epicor will use to create the custom fix, however, I know it involves comparing the current database copy to a backup copy prior to the changes and then programming the fix to remove the extra accounts.

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We had our Controller create every possible GL account. I used DMT to inactivate them. I wouldnt think that using Captured Outdated Trans would do that. We do this at every capture and we do have them reactivated.

Hi Miguel, I am having the exact same issue and need to deactivate about 4K GL accounts that have never been used. Would you kindly share the process you followed please?