Epicor 9 Getting field Values from other table in BPM

I have used BPM in E10 environment and worked with other table datasets. Now Im using BPM in E9 for the first time and im stucked in getting field values from other table which require ABL code and i have never worked with ABL before. Im working on BPM mail functionality for part table. In the mail body along with Part table details I need some data from PO table as well. So how to bring datasets of PO table and use it in mail body?

We will need more detail of what you are trying to get to give better examples, but here is at least something:

for each PODetail no-lock fields (UnitCost VendPartNum) where PODetail.Company = cur-comp and PODetail.PartNum = "ABC123" and PODetail.OpenLine.
/* do your email stuff with this data */

I did all of my emailing in E9 from BAMs and getting other data was simpler for me there. If this can be done with a BAM then you put your .p file in the Epicor905\Server\ud directory. Here is an example that goes from PO receipt to a lot of places. It will give you an idea of what is possible. Set the TableName at the top to the table the alert is on.

RcptAlert example.p (4.8 KB)

Hello @Jason_Woods , Thanks for your response. Problem has been solved and getting the result as required.

Hello @gpayne, I’m not sure about BAM to work with. But I will surely look around for BAM in any further requirement. Thanks for the information. :slight_smile: