Epicor 9 / Manifest 4 EOL

After submitting a ticket for an unrelated Manifest issue, we were informed that Manifest 4 is going to stop working in August. Not sure why they didn’t let us know last year and it’s a terrifying thought that if we hadn’t opened that ticket, we would’ve never known until the day it stopped working. We use it for all UPS/Fedex shipments as well as BOLs and international paperwork. Their current suggestion is to “upgrade Epicor”.

I can’t imagine we’re the last company on earth to have Epicor 9.05.702A and Manifest 4.0.5 so this is both a warning to anybody else and a request for advice on what to do now.

Quickship is the new version of Manifest. Can you upgrade to QuickShip? Not sure if that’s compatible with E9, though…

Is it actually going to stop working? Or just no longer supported, and you’re on your own?

At some point, old software will no longer be supported, and both E9 and Manifest are pretty tired dogs, using old technology stacks. Everything (third-party) these days seems to be REST API connecting to browser interfaces and cloud services (don’t get me started that you no longer own anything, and it’s monthly subscriptions), with less and less options for non-REST and non-Cloud.

Does your company have any plans to get current to the latest version of Epicor? Or ride E9 as long as possible?

We’re on Manifest 4.something (and Epicor 2022.2.8), but are upgrading our TMS to Mercury Gate.

According to Epicor, it’s going to completely stop working. My main issue is the lack of communication on it - I feel like I’m not asking for much here considering the importance of a company being able to ship stuff. After some back and forth, Epicor let me know that Quick Ship works with E9, but they won’t help us set it up or support it going forward - which I guess is good and bad news for us.

We’ve been in ERP upgrade limbo for a while now, I’m hoping we upgrade to something soon because E9 is starting to crumble on us.

I asked the manifest team about this at insights, they said no plans to kill the API. Good luck getting it reinstalled though.

I would check with your CAM about what emails they are sending notices to. I know I got emails in July of 2022 about Manifest EOL in August 2023 and an upgrade campaign.

If you are paying support I can’t imagine they would not support the QS side regardless of the Epicor version.

If you have a E9 dev box to practice on the QS upgrade guide is good. I have done my last three without any issues.

Same we also got notice of it as well. I believe that was because of the reirement of Adobe Air or am I thinking of the version between old school Manifest and Epicor Manifest before QuickShip…? GAH I don’t know, but check where the notices are going, they are sending them.