Epicor 9 - packing slip process

We have had a issue in our warehouse were by an item has been shipped without a pack slip being created, when we looked at the sales order the items looks like it has not been not shipped.

Is it possible to to create a process that will…

  1. closes the sale order once the pack slip has been created.

  2. stops the pack slip being created if the last operation has not been completed (which is goods in finished warehouse)

Thanks advanced for any advice on this.

I believe #1 happens with standard logic within Epicor.

Number 2 is possible with a BPM. Are you shipping directly from the job?



I believe the packing slip has to be marked shipped for the system to actually close the sales order. At another company I worked for, a dashboard was created to look at all pack slips that were created but not shipped so that they didn’t miss “shipping” any pack slips (mainly for invoicing purposes). As for not allowing shipping until the last op is complete, I agree with Brad that would require a BPM.

Hi Brad

Yes we ship directly from the job.

OK, then the BPM would check the job prod table for the linked job and then look for the final job operation and check that the quantity completed is enough to allow shipment. It will need to consider prior shipments for the quantity check.

I don’t write BPM’s, but have spec’ed this out previously.


Brad Boes

Sounds like a process problem.

We changed the way we did things - if it has a Sales Order - it ships though Customer Shipment Entry.

If it is Miscellaneous items - it ships through Miscellaneous Shipment Entry.

If they are not creating a packslip - where are they getting the packslip?