Epicor 9 Prepaid Amounts

I am trying to find the table in Epicor 9 that holds the prepayments for account receivable invoices. In Epicor 10 we have the DocDepositCredit and the ARPrepaymentTran table that hold the prepayment values however in Epicor 9 there is no ARPrepaymentTran table.

The “DocInvoiceAmt = Subtotal - Adv Billed + Tax - Prepaid Deposits - Cash Deposits” however in Epicor 9 where do I find these values?

@jcdude Have you looked in all of the Invcxxx tables?

Its not in the [dbo].[InvcHead] / [dbo].[InvcMisc] / [dbo].[InvcTax] do you have any other tables in mind?

@jcdude I would try field help, but I never used them in 9 and don’t have 9 running anymore.