Epicor 9 to 10 Upgrade Readiness - Tools available

Hello all - I am familiar with some of the resources available to prepare and implement an upgrade from 9.05 to 10.1, but wanted to see if there is a comprehensive listing of all the various tools/resources Epicor has made available for customer use.

Some of the ones I am aware of:

Progress Code Conversion Utility at https://scrs.epicor.com/ABLConversionweb/
Database Scrub Scripts - Request from Epicor Support for the older version
Built in Service Connect Workflow converter - in the newer versions

Are there others analyzers or tools available to help prepare and plan level of effort to upgrade - especially around customizations?

Progress Code Conversion, user lightly it usually creates more work than helps.
Database Scrub scripts work as advertised
Built in SC flow converter, my understanding is plan on just rebuilding them from scratch
Make sure you are using VS for writing new BPM code it helps a lot. There are great guides out there and a ton of posts in here relating to how to do that and what the code should look like for different tasks.
DMT is your friend. If you hardcoded the plant value into any records it’s now case sensitive and you’re going to have a bad time. I.E. hardcoded “mfgsys” into custom code, but it’s actually “MfgSys” = bad news bears.

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The code conversion utility… If you treat it as a learning tool to get you familiar with the LINQ style you will be fine. If you think of it as lead to gold conversion then you will fail. Unfortunately some oversold it just a bit :confused:


How about the ERP Analyzer I have heard rumor of? Any information available on that?

shhhh… No comment.

(and it’s very nice)

LOL - Got ya

Got an email from Epicor last week about this…One thing I was a little bit concerned about was the part of the email that contained information about it running with admin rights and against the Production environment.

I really need to understand what this tool does before I just allow something to run like that.

Has anyone else got a similar email and if so, have been a bit more gutsy than me and run it?

Uuuh, well I’m not sure I would call it “gutsy”… but sure. I’ll go with that. :smirk: lol…but I ran the ERP Analyzer a few weeks ago against our E9.05.702 Progress DB…it’s been a while (I’ve slept at least once since then) and if I recall correctly, off-hours, it took minutes to run on our 25GB DB.

Once it was finished, I could then click on a link to an Analysis Report that showed me:

Environment Information:
DB Size
DB Index Size
All Table - Sizes, Index Sizes and Row counts

License Information & the Modules that we had
Company Info and Basic Settings

Not sure of the exact Logic behind these checks but…
It gave a listing of some Non-Upgradable items (we only had 1 BPM show here)
A Pre-Upgrade Check - only thing that I saw here was a couple of Unposted AR/AP Invoice Groups

What Conversions were run in the last 12 Months

A Health Check (we have about 8 items in this list - I think they are either BPM or Customization issues but need to dig in further)

Lists out all of your Dashboards, Configurators, Customizations, BPMs, Reports, External Reports, Menus, UD Tables, Tables where a UD Field is used…and what looks like some interesting and useful information on each item individually within the groups.

And I see now that they have given us the ability to Export the results to Excel. When I ran it initially there was no easy way to export the results. So I do think this will be helpful information to have and it is nice that it pulls it altogether into one location. That’s all I know about it and really haven’t spent much time sorting out the results yet…(especially when I couldn’t export the results, I kind of just stopped there cause they told me that would be working by May and looks like it is!) I am sure they will continue to improve it in the near future cause it looks like it has already changed just in the past few weeks since I ran it and there are fields and sections showing that haven’t been populated with data yet. I hope that was somewhat helpful…

And I was told that you needed “admin login credentials from the domain administrator” to complete the installation of the tool itself from the website. That’s where you might run into problems, when downloading and installing the tool…

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It’s fine I"ve ran it in many customer’s site. It is a read only process and quite awesome

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I know this is an old thread but for the earlier posts I would add the PDT and the Solution Workbench are two invaluable tools that will help with an (any) Upgrade from E9 to 10…

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

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Hopefully you will see this message, as the thread is quite old :slight_smile:

You had stated that you ran the ERP Analyzer against your E9.05.702 Progress DB. My question is this: Where does one acquire this ERP Analyzer? Do I have to reach out to Epicor Support to get it, or am I completely overlooking it on EpicWeb?

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Hi @jhecker!

I contacted my CAM (Epicor Customer Account Manager - for anyone who wasn’t sure) and requested a link and instructions on how to download and run the ERP Analyzer Tool. Once you run it against your database it gives you some useful and interesting information on all of your database’s Method Directives, Data Directives, BPM Data Forms, UD Tables, Reports, Menus, Dashboards, UD Fields Used (maybe even more info by now as I ran this several months ago)… I hope your CAM can hook you up and that it will be useful for you! :slight_smile:

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I just sent an e-mail to my CAM asking about it. Hopefully he knows what I am talking about and is able to provide me with the link for it.

Thank you for your help, @ERPSysAdmin, it is appreciated :smiley:

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