Epicor ACH Setup


I’m setting a ACH in Epicor. I do not find any setup documents on epicweb.epicor.com particularly for ACH and postive pay things. Any thoughts? Where I can get document if any?

Thanks in advance

Look at Electronic Interfaces in AP | Set Up.


Step 1. Create an Electronic Interface

Financial Management > Accounts Payable > Setup > Electronic Interface

File > New > New Interface

Enter Interface Name (Electronic Interface)

Type: Bank Interface AP

Click On Program tab and search for your bank electronic format or you can select Payment_Generic (Erp\EI\Payment_Generic\Payment_Generic.cs)


**NOTE : if the format that your Bank requires is not here, our custom solution group could assist you to customize this for example N.A.C.H.A

Step 2. Create a Payment Method

Financial Management > Accounts Payable > Setup > Payment Method

File > New > New

Enter Payment Method ID (Electronic payments)

Scope: AP

Type: Electronic Interface

Electronic Interface: Select Interface created in step 1

On the Output File Name you need to enter a path on the server where you created a .txt file (Servername/Epicor905/Foldername/file.txt)


Step 3. Create a Bank Branch Code

Financial Management > Accounts Payable > Setup > Bank Branch Code

Enter any code and enter the name of your bank

Step 4. Add the Payment Method to an existing bank account

Financial Management > Accounts Payable > Setup > Bank Account

Select a Bank Account

File > New > New AP Payment Method

Select Payment Method from step 2

On the Detail tab select the Branch Code created on step 2


Step 5. Add the bank detail to a supplier

Financial Management > Accounts Payable > Setup > Supplier

Select a Supplier

File > New > New Bank

Enter Bank

Enter Bank Name

Enter Bank Account

Select Payment Method from step 2

Enter the Pay To Information

Select Bank Branch from step 3


Supplier TAB > Detail TAB

Select Payment Method from step 2


Note: The Electronic Payments checkbox will now be checked

Step 6. Create an Electronic Payment Entry

Financial Management > Accounts Payable > General Operations > Payment Entry

File > New > New Group

Enter Group ID

Select Bank Account from step 4

Select Payment Method from step 2

File > New > New Payment

Select Supplier from step 5

Note: Electronic Payment will be checked

Enter Gross Amount

Select G/L Account


Actions > Process Payments (See how the Form is pointing to Remittance)

Take note of the Bank Export File path

Click Client Print

Select a Printer and Click Ok

You will see a remittance form and the .txt file will be created on the folder you selected on the server

Click OK

Close the Process Payments window

Actions > Post


If you go to the path you selected on step 2 and you will see that the txt file was updated

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Thank you Thomas.


I am looking for assistance on setting up the electronic interface maintenance file to set up file headers, company batch headers and controls, etc. Do you know where there is documentation on this?

Thank you

The requirements for the format will be dictated by the bank specs. The changes made are in the .cs code file referenced by the Electronic Interface. You will need to make a copy of the generic pay format in EpicorFolder\Erp\EI and modify that.


Thank you. I received the specs from the bank, but any best practices to ensure I get it right the first time?

Not particularly - the only way I learned to do EFT\ACH was by examining the code that was there - How the fields were accessed, how the file is built and then build your own logic to produce the bank’s expected format.

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