Epicor Admin Console

Coming back to Epicor after a few years, I find many changes. I come across references to the Epicor Admin Console in many instances. What I need is help in finding where to download the Admin Console and installation instructions. I have looked into my environment and there is nothing about the Admin Console.

Please anyone out there that has any ideas and answers will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all

If you are on-prem, the admin console is installed adjacent to the AppServer on a server. It’s not a client application. In the cloud - I’m not sure how that works.

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It’s located here:
Black Hole Nsf GIF by GIPHY News

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Is that an AKS cluster spinning up?

If you are Epicor SaaS hosted, then you do not have access to the Admin Console. Restarting appservers, regenerating data models, things of that nature can only be done by Cloud Support.

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For now. That feature is coming soon.