Epicor Agile Ship - Contact / Support

I can’t find or figure out who made or supports the Agile Ship product, did they get bought out or something? I want to contact them and see if they will support the new Azure Public cloud or not…

Richard Swallow <rswallow@sourceinfo.com>

This was our contact before we turned off Agile Ship several months ago.

What do you use instead of Agile Ship?

We have not implemented anything else yet. We plan to take a look at Epicor Manifest.

Agile worked as advertised, it came down to the main carrier we use to ship packages (SPEE DEE) was not supported so it was determined to be not worth the effort to maintain 2 systems.

If I recall correctly, Agile split up and the company that we talk to now is SourceInfo, and they call the product “ConnectShip” or something like that. It’s still a 'companion product installed on site that I know of, but it writes to the DB directly, so that might not work.


that’s who we’ve worked with in the past as well… From my experience he’s always been responsive and helpful.

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