Epicor AIM AutoCor integration

We are looking at implementing the AIM AutoCor EDI/Shipping solution for our business.

Are there any current AIM AutoCor users out there that can contact me with their experience?


Brad Boes

Hey Brad I can give you some feedback just let me know

Make sure it works with your Cloud Environment. Most EDI Solutions outside of Epicor require stored procedures, custom code bpms, etc… they are light years away from ever working on a Cloud Environment where you have limited control, but do okay on on-prem.

I demoed AIM in 2015 in Grand Rapids and passed, they claimed they knew Epicor and lied. Maybe it changed in 2020.

I am not even sure there is a solid EDI Solution for Epicor yet. We use Platinum Partner Product and again it would never work on the cloud, its all hacky SQL SPs, Views, Triggers. We probably voided our warranty a 100x by now by using a Partners product. But hey Epicor likes to certify them :slight_smile:

Thanks. I do believe we would be one of their first cloud implementations, but we have already verified they can communicate with our public (dedicated tenant) cloud environment. I am not as worried about the Epicor side, I know that pretty well and get get help there if needed.

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For Outbound most of the times they are just running SQL Queries to find data and they just grab it, store it in their database, and send it out… handle the mapping… The Inbound is usually done by Epicor, EDI solutions usually just handle the mapping and make a .app file for Epicor to pick-up (Demand).

I guess you should be fine if they have a way to run queries against direct-sql or use BAQS/BOs.

You should be okay if they programmed it to work. Then usually the VAN is seperate from the EDI… will they transfer the files to your customers via SFTP or send it to a VAN. Most folks think an EDI solution comes with a VAN, often I found it does not… it just maps data and builds files to be transfered. Reminds me of Service Connect.

Hope it all works out! No perfect solution.

Ours always gets complicated with Multi-Company and when a Customer buys from 2-3 plants and they are the same Partner yada yada :slight_smile: