Epicor API key

I have a question regarding the Epicor API key.
we have a few applications to call Epicor REST API. someone suggest to generate key for each application. but someone suggest to use one API key for all applications.
anyone can explain which one is good for the production environment.



IMO, one key for each environment (we have Dev, Test and Production environments, so 3 different keys) should be good enough. Particularly when you consider that both version 1 of the REST API exists (doesn’t even need a key) and version 2 of the REST API exists. I know we have to use a mix of both because the version 2 API doesn’t process datetime fields properly in updates, so we have to use version 1 to do patch operations which use datetime fields. The API Key is only used for the version 2 API calls.

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thanks a lot,
that’s what I though too. one key per environment.