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How I can add another search filter but combo box for the grid search? I want to place combo and add values from UD02.ShortChar01 and use it as a search criteria to filter records in the grid.

So, without testing this, add the combo box, then hook an event to it. In that event, call the dataview-filter widget based on the value of the box and filter whatever view the grid is bound to.

Alternatively, add a new view to where it says “All” at the top-left and add your combo box items assuming there’s only a few. If there’s a lot, that’s not really feasible.

Hey Hannah,

Sorry for the delay in response. It seems not to work for me. I tried your first suggestion.

Also, what if I want to customize grid columns with Key1 search button? By default when I click it, it shows all columns from key1… But what I required is to display only UD columns.

Okay, so you have to do a rest call with a where clause to filter it.

Combo bound to TransView (can be bound to whatever, but TransView is a good runtime View)

Create a new event when your bound column is changed.

Add a rest-erp widget and configure as follows, but modify for your specific BO.

This is how you do the where clause filtering:
Key2 LIKE '%{TransView.FilterCombo}%'

Set whatever page size and absolute page you want. 50 and 1 respectively is standard.

Return the results to the LandingPage view.




Create a Quick Search and use that.

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Superb thanks Hannah :slight_smile:

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How would you add a combo box to filter a BAQ grid?

Same way you would add any other field to filter.

Thanks for quick reply but do you have any links to some examples?

I’m new to using any field to narrow down my grids in kinetic besides the Advanced>View Options. I’m trying to follow your example in this article which uses a UD103 services to filter down the dataview but I’m lost as to which which fields I would fill out if I’m using a BAQ dataview.
My plan was to use the rest-erp widget to call the DynamicQuerySvc (Which is what I do in my C# functions but I’m new to Kinetic Apps).

These kinetic properties feel like a guessing game. I am just hoping I filled out the right fields and hoping I used the right syntax and wondering why its not working.


Check this out: How To: Kinetic Dashboard Uplifts - Experts’ Corner - Epicor User Help Forum (epiusers.help)

There’s stuff in there that goes over filtering.

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Will do.

Thanks a ton!