Epicor Application User Guide 10.2.700 availability?

Does anyone know of an Epicor Application User Guide 10.2.700, I have gotten one for each revision, but I don’t see any for this one and supposedly there have been a lot of changes to the interface, kinetic wise I think.

It’s in epicweb under the documentation section

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I looked, but I will look again, one sec

If you’re looking for changes you want the release notes https://epicweb.epicor.com/doc/Docs/Epicor10_ReleaseNotes_1027009.pdf?d=weee771488e4d49d5854b56e68ff4381c

I wouldn’t worry too much about the changes in Kinetic until we hit v11. Right now they just keep expanding the library of available screens.

no no, the users guide, since i get a lot of the information to make users guides for my team

man, I am blind, thank you, I just found it.


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They don’t change on patch versions. User guide is going to be 700.0 version.

yeah, I just couldn’t find it, I mean it was right in front of me, but it wasn’t screaming haha. Thank you

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