Epicor Automation Tool

Would anyone who’s familiar with the Epicor Automation Tool be willing to share their experience with it?

We’re thinking about getting it to use for testing and to try and save some time on things like AR invoicing.

I think @hkeric.wci is one of the better users of ATE. However…

This tool is primary meant for the .Net client and not meant for web-based pages. There are plenty of other automation tools that work on the web (Selenium + Protractor for example) so something to keep in mind.

I am not sure of the cost, so my advice is not based on cost. I guess if it is short money it might be worth it.

Overall, I do not recommend it as to really leverage it you need to be able to code C# or VB. If your company has a resource that can code and understands Epicor, then it might be beneficial. I had to take over running the tool at a company and the person who did it before me had no idea what they were doing. They had set up the script in such a way that you had to sit there and monitor it and do some manual intervention. I got it to a point that it could run all by itself, but it would often fail (probably 50% of the time).

To me, it was more of a headache than a help.

I found other WinForms Testing Tools that could work with Epicor… they let you write more in C# instead of scripting it in a odd way. I’ll need to find the name.

It does the same records Macros basically.

I’ve used it and it can be helpful if your developers maintain it, as they make enhancements they update the scripts… the idea is when you do an upgrade you just run all tests and it can test quote to cash, reports etc…

The key is to maintain it, no different than Unit Tests… everyone hates them, but if you start writing them from day 1 and maintaining them – they are your best friend.

With Kinetic I am not sure if I would get it at this point.


Not sure if you saw this thread of not.

We ultimately did not get ATE for the reasons others have said and went with another tool. I’m not sure what they used as I left that company shortly after.

With kinetic I wouldn’t get it right now I suspect it won’t support kinetic forms


When you use these tools, do you use them to do preliminary testing and then ask your users to do their own testing?

How have these tools added value for you guys?

I have heard people using them in EUG and other groups and it made me wonder, do we even have to test then, what a dream haha!

I guess I am having trouble understanding how these tools are helping, might need some examples again.