Epicor Client Install Folders Explained

I’ve read the post about Client Install tips and tricks Client install tips and tricks - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum (epiusers.help) but still trying to understand the folders in our Deployment folder and their roles for client installation. Much appreciated any insight into these.


Client: folder is your “master” client this is where epicor goes to check the sysconfig for updates.
ClientInstaller: is just a place where you can download the E10Client.exe for installing new clients
Custom: Is where individual updates and custom deployments are put. (Custom Dlls etc) that’s what those zip files are.
ReleaseClient.zip: This is the main client files download that gets downloaded by the installer when you first install Epicor. Then it goes into the Custom folder and downloads any updates from the zip file.


Thanks for your insight, Jose! Does that mean the ClientInstaller would unzip the ReleaseClient.zip + anything from Custom? After that, the Epicor folder in the new client would be the same as the “Client” mentioned above? What if there is any mismatch?
We encountered an issue that after the client installation, it still pulls a lot of DLL files. Not really sure what is the root cause.

Harry - the ClientInstaller is a small EXE that really simply creates the client directory structure with a config file for each ‘instance’ of Epicor you choose to install. The whole things takes about 30 seconds. Once you click on a client icon, the stub that is there then unpacks the ReleaseClient.Zip and creates a local client the is equivalent to the ‘client’ folder you see on the server. You should realize that the process can take some time if doing it on remote clients over a VPN.


Thank you, Mike. I figured out we have an issue with “Auto” deployment type config file (version mismatch), but we would be fine with “ZIP” deployment.

Yeah, we don’t use the ‘Auto’ deployments. Glad you figured it out and glad to help. :slight_smile:

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