Epicor Customization - Button Anchor Resetting to Top Left

I found this archived post:

And I am having the same issue, but for me I added a button on the Work Queue page in between the Select button and Clear buttons. After I set all buttons to Bottom Left and save, when I reopen the form my custom button and the buttons to the left (the Clear buttons) reset to Top Left.

To attempt to fix this I deleted my personalization and changed one button at a time. After changing 4 of them it stuck, but after the 5th button they all reset and were not even visible in the form.

Has anyone seen an issue like this before?

Yes, there are posts here on the topic. I can’t recall what the best search terms would be “anchor” perhaps.

I recall it is related to artifacts for the anchors being left in the custom xml for the customisation. It should be safe to delete them, save your customization, close the form and reopen it. Please test my suggestion first before doing it on any big customization.

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Thank you! Where would I find the XML?

At this point I think referral to the EpciorCustomization_UsersGuide is in order. You can find this in Epicweb/Documents if you don’t already have a copy.

Lookup Custom XML Editor. Use it to look at the custom properties tab. You can delete rows by selecting the row and hitting delete. Use with caution as you can corrupt your customization.

You can sort by control name to make it easier.

Hope that helps.

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This does, thank you very much for all of your help!