Epicor ECM Document GUID

Just figured this out and thought I would share. It is related to this post.

The REST calls need the document GUID in ECM and you can get it from XFileRef.FileName. Just extract the substring(0,36) from the field and you have your ECM Document GUID.


Thanks, what are you scheming on over there man, I’m interested.

When a certificate gets attached to a receipt line, I want the document to self attach to the PartLot record.


Can you do that in a workflow? Cause I think you can default a workflow for a doc type so that when it’s uploaded to ECM it goes into a workflow? It’s been a minute.

I ask because I see you saying you want to call ECM API, but I’m trying to conceptualize needing to do that and why and what the benefits are in your case so I can learn and be prepared for the day I might need to do that.

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You must have additional ECM licenses to be able to do that…

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Yes you can. You can also do it in an updatable baq. I attach our tariff invoices out of a folder just like a workflow to all of the PartLots and the PO for the receipt.

For me even with the workflow license I only have 6 seats and dashboard users are not ECM users.


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