Epicor EDA feedback?

We are looking into the Epicor EDA option and wondering if there are users here that have it implemented?

I am hoping to give our users better data to work with themselves in an easier fashion and still cover the financial reporting.

Possible KPI usage also?

Thanks for any feedback on setup and use.


Hi Brad,

EDA is a pretty flexible and dynamic tool. As is a SQL query based tool, you can create any possible script to extract data from your database and then manipulate it as needed to create any EDA database, dashboard and reports. Users can also use the exactly same EDA database (eg. Sales) and create hundreds of different reports, charts, graphs, KPIs, etc.

I concur - it’s great and flexible and you can use just about any data with it as long as you can write some SQL to get the data. Talk to Steven Coolidge (steven.coolidge@epicor.com) and get yourself a demo. He can explain everything to you.

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And tell him I sent you! (He’ll get a chuckle from that)

Thanks for the feedback, I had a EDA demo yesterday and with multi-company, multi-site and even multiple external data sources this tool looks good.