Epicor error creating window handle

Hi, I have found that Epicor is shutting down after having to many windows open, I have around 10 windows open part enter, customer entry, trackers ect and coming up with the following error message error creating window handle.


Any idea how to slice this.
Many thanks in advanced.

Are you running out of system memory?

Hi Chris,

the memory is fine still have 6gb free , it since windows 10 version 1803 update - it has removed some registry settings for epicor i believe.

Are any of these windows being opened using an “Open With” function? I’ve found that having too many menu items open and then changing records on one of them updating another window opened with an “Open With” function can start causing errors. Also, it’s possible that a personalization could be causing a problem as well if this seems to be only happening for certain users and not all of them.

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