Epicor form PO Suggestion Entry Customization issue

I created a customization in version 10.1.500.23 of the PO Suggestion entry to add a UD field from the Part table. I did a FKV linked to MtlSug on the Column MtlSug.PartNum. Worked like a charm.
We recently moved to Version 10.2.700.4 and it looked like it was working fine until an employee found it working a little odd.
If you have multiple parts selected for the supplier and select one of the other part, you can see the UD info fine.
If you click into the textbox holding the UD field info, the rest of the screen reverts to the top parts information.
To see the correct screen info again, you need to click another part then back.

I tried changing the FKV to link on the SugPoDtl but it didn’t help.

If you need clarification, please let me know, otherwise I need some help on this. What changed between the two versions and how do I get it working again!


Try exporting your customisation and reimporting it or recreating the solution in a test system from the start.

Can you show me your relationship between the fields on PO Suggestions and Part

I have already rebuilt the customization without it helping.
This is what I tried on the original one.

Let me do this in my test and I will get back to you.

Sounds good. Remember that I am showing a UD field from Part_UD table on the form. Not sure if the issue would happen if it showed built in field from the Part table. Might try that myself.

What is your UD field? I will clone this also.


It is a String allowing 1024 characters, BTW.

Hi Shawn,

I created the UD Field in the Part Table with the following:

Updated the field with some information against a PartNum

I completed the setup and I’m not getting any errors… Have you tried a BAQDataView to complete this? Maybe a work around…

After you create the UD field and populate some parts with it, did you customize the PO Suggestion Entry to include the field on the screen?
After you add it to the screen, Do a supplier search and pick multiple parts.
Then click on the third part down on the left to change the screen to show that part info and your new description box field.
Then click on the info in the new field. Did it change the rest of the data back to the 1st part info?

Did you test the way I outlined previously?
If it doesn’t make sense I can do a short video to explain.

Short video please.

I put a short clip up on our website so you can see what I am talking about.
Notice when I click on the supplier description that the rest of the info changes.
Then if you click any other field, it changes the supplier description back to first part.
Very weird…

Were you able to see the video?

I will be having a look tomorrow for you and get back you

Hi Shawn.

I cannot replicate the issue as it’s working perfectly fine. I watched your video and did the same method and placed the textbox in the same location. My only suggestion would be to either use a BAQdataView or BOReader to look up the column in the table, these both require custom code but there is several threads regarding both with strong snippets of code.

Do any these parts have open jobs? It will generate the Part Description from there and this may cause problems. Have you tried using this column elsewhere? Another entry form and try to replicate the issue.