Epicor HCM - UK


Has anyone got any feedback after implementing the Epicor HCM module in the UK?

The last time i looked at it on 10.0.7 I was advised by Epicor that the payroll element was not suitable for the UK.

I just wondered if anyone has gone ahead and implemented it on 10.2?



I’m not in the UK but we do have Epicor HCM with ERP 10.2.

Stay away from the payroll module. Epicor does ERP really well and HCM sort of well. But they don’t do payroll. We purchased it and were going to move off our 10+ year old in-house payroll system and ended up going with a cloud solution. It’s a really bad module lacking features and full of bugs. Save the money and go with an ADP, Paycor, etc.

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Thanks Chadd - I appreciate the feedback.

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