Epicor Insights Agenda

Hello All,

Anyone know how to export the Epicor Insights agenda? It is difficult to manipulate and plan the days with the current system especially with conflicts that you wish to ignore, but can’t as the only option is to replace what is conflicting with what you selected.

Thanks in advance.


So the scheduling method for Insights has some of the same issues that the scheduling method in Epicor 10 has…

I couldn’t resist.

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… very difficult to use.

The app and schedule should be coming out pretty soon™.

I see the stress on folks rushing to the finish line on the schedule and ensuring all the content moved into this years app. It won’t be long now.

Sounds great! Tell them not to stress and that they are doing a great job.

Agenda came out today just got the email.

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Just a heads up, it doesn’t seem to work with firefox. (at least not for me). Works in chrome.

Ah yes, @Bart_Elia I know the adgenda came out, I was just hoping we could export it.

Using my powers to find details (e.g. - begging a friend for status)

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You need to turn off the ad blocker… ( I had to in chrome)

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Ahh, good call.

Are they actually reserving spots for these sessions? The reason I ask, is because it have a number or spots left when adding something to your agenda (which is unreasonably high, so that seems like a workaround?). Which would make sense why it won’t let you book 2 things at the same time.

Secondly, is it just me, or is there a new system every year for insights? This will only be my third, but if I remember, I’m thinking this will be my 3rd system used for the agenda builder. Maybe I’m just crazy though.

Yea the agenda builder is out. The final load of courses is not done yet but most are there now. The app is in process - getting close.

Yup It’s part of the fun


You can only schedule one class at a time, but you can mark others as Interested and those will also show up in the “My Schedule” page if you click “Interests”


That’s what I needed, THANK YOU! @amurdock

Thanks for the tip!

What does @Bart_Elia say?


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