Epicor Kinetic AR Invoice Entry scroll to next or previous invoice

Hi all, our company is preparing for an upgrade from Epicor version 10.2.6 to Kinetic. I am looking for some navigational help in AR invoice entry. In version 10.2.6 there is the Summary tab with button to click to advance to the next invoice or last invoice in the group and to the previous or first invoice in the group. I am not finding that navigational equivalent in Kinetic. Does anyone know if this exists and I just am not finding it or if it is a function that is not available? Following is a screen shot from V. 10.2.6 showing the navigation buttons I am referencing:

In Kinetic, you use the breadcrumb to do the same. Clicking on the > character displays a list of invoices in the group.

To move forward and backward, you can use keyboard shortcuts. Press Ctrl-Alt-H to display them. You’ll see that ctrl+left arrow and ctrl+right arrow will move you to the previous or next invoice in the group.

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Fantastic - thank you so much!

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