Epicor Kinetic - General Release Date

I was told that Epicor announced (at the most recent Insights conference) that they have pushed the General Adoption date for Kinetic - Does anyone know what date they pushed it to?

I have been told that they pushed it out indefinitely, which was a little surprising to me.

Any insight from the community on this would be appreciated.

Its still indefinite afaik. Not only is it indefinite, there will no longer be a single cutoff but rather program/screen specific end dates so it will be phased in. Based on the state of kinetic today I would assume it will be at least several more years.

Thanks Alisa.

I thought prior to the Insights conference there was a General Adoption date, and at Insights they announced / confirmed that the GA for Kinetic would be indefinite…

The time frames you notes don’t surprise me - based on what I have seen of Kinetic…several more years would not surprise me.

I seem to recall that despite the reprive, no new work will be done on the classic interface. With the amount of work we want done on the Kinetic UI, it doesn’t make sense to spend time on the deprecated UI.

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Yep, its to the point that they will often decline to fix bugs in classic now as well. But its a catch 22 - half the time support tells me, we won’t fix the bug in classic because you can use Kinetic. But the other half of the time they tell me, we won’t fix the bugs in kinetic because you can just use classic.


I would say “LOL”, but it’s not funny.

Kinetic has been a HUGE waste of our time and money. The product is not ready, and the VARs shouldn’t be selling it as “ready”.

We were sold a product that was supposed to be working over a year ago, and then we are told we should actually do our solutioning in the “Classic Version”… However, that means any customizations made would have to be re-done in Kinetic - The VARs don’t mind… more money for them.

We were explicit with the VAR when we bought Epicor - we didn’t want to implement one version and then have to convert to the next version immediately (Kinetic is a big change from classic)

We have been asked by our VAR to work with them and take our concerns to Epicor.

But I’m sorry, I’m not paying Epicor so I can spend my time fixing their broken product.

Change is hard enough… but it’s compounded when the VARs are knowingly pushing a product that is not ready for general adoption.

At least Epicor has now come out and said that Kinetic isn’t ready for General Adoption.

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Sort of a don’t shoot the messenger scenario, unfortunately for them, VARS have to play by Epicor’s rules and sell Epicor just as Epicor would sell it. Kinetic will come round but for now they have pushed out past 2024.1 the wide adoption of Kinetic. They basically kicked the can 1 year down the road.

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FWIW, those who lived through the SalesForce upgrade to their Lightning Platform had the same situation. Users preferred the old screens, the new screens were incomplete and for some functionality one had to regress to classic screens, but now Lightning is where everyone lives.