Epicor Kinetic Warehouse vs. Browser Based Kinetic

We are starting to implement bartender and AMM in our warehouse. We are debating also getting Epicor Kinetic Warehouse to go along with it. Does anyone who has tried to implement EKW have good experiences or bad experiences that they can share?

Trying to see if the added cost for EKW is worth it or if we’re better off running the material queues through the browser based version of Kinetic on tablets.


We use AMM with EKW. We are in the process of rolling out all of the job functions and use it for picking. EKW is super user friendly and takes a ton of time out of training production team members. We have a custom label printing process and it appears to only use SSRS reports with printers so we have been able to print our shipping documents but not labels. Our production team members are super happy with EKW. It has also improved our physical inventory processes. Some of it has paid for itself in time to train. It does not have a lot of options for customization.

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Ditto on this. EKW has a simpler UI and feels more fluid/faster than Kinetic. The forms are more streamlined so easier to use on the go. This was the main reason we went with EKW for all of our warehouse staff. We’re using it for all warehouse processes - e.g. picking, receipts and cycle counting. Users have been happy with it.

The Kinetic screens do have the advantage of being customisable, which is mostly a no-go in EKW.


Are you using EKW for PO Receipts?

We are not yet. We’re just starting to implement bartender and AMM. We’re going to test out using the standard PO receipts through the browser first, and if it’s a cumbersome process then we will evaluate cost/benefit of EKW.

EKW is especially nice if many of your parts are barcoded. With AMM you will now have access to the material queue and can stage parts in a receiving bin before putting them away; and when you put them away, you use the material queue rather than an inventory move. The material queues is available on the hand held and makes processing the transactions easy.

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I would really like to discuss EKW PO Receipts with you. We have been trying to get it implemented and have run into so many issues.

Can you elaborate on the issues?

-We’re using Honeywell EDA71 tablets. Users don’t like them because they are bulky and it’s hard to use the scan buttons. The keyboard pops up and covers the screen and it’s hard for them to use.
-Not all supplier packing slips are barcoded, so users have to remember which suppliers they can scan or not.
-The EKW PO Receipts screen has fields on it that are not needed, but they can’t be hidden.