Epicor Kinetics

Custom RDD’s stopped working with Kinetic upgrade with the following message. Only thing about the Custom RDD’s is that we have additional JobHead_UD but all the tables are synced.

Query execution failed for dataset ‘JobHead’

Any ideas?

Having the same issue. I am getting execution failed for dataset OrderHed

Can you run the base style of the report with the base report data definition?

Yep. The standard report works fine. Even one of the custom reports works. Having the issue with printing Orders and Invoices

The custom reports used to work in Pilot as well but no longer do either

Same thing with us. Even Pilot has the same errors

I spoke with Epicor support and they said we will have to recreate the custom reports and make it compatible with the new version as they do not guarantee custom things to transfer over, only Epicor built in things

This is the error in System Monitor:

Program Ice.Services.Lib.RunTask raised an unexpected exception with the following message: RunTask:
Ice.Core.SsrsReportService.ReportExecutionSoapException: Exception of type ‘Ice.Core.SsrsReportService.ReportExecutionSoapException’ was thrown.
SOAP Fault: An error has occurred during report processing. —> Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ProcessingAbortedException: An error has occurred during report processing. —> Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ReportProcessingException: Query execution failed for dataset ‘OrderHed’. —> System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: Invalid column name ‘IsContiguous’.
Invalid column name ‘IsContiguous’.)
Detail: rsProcessingAborted400An error has occurred during report processing.https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=20476&EvtSrc=Microsoft.ReportingServices.Exceptions.ErrorStrings&EvtID=rsProcessingAborted&ProdName=Microsoft%20SQL%20Server%20Reporting%20Services&ProdVer=15.0.1102.897Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services15.0.1102.8971033OsIndependent1033Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCoreAn error has occurred during report processing.Microsoft.ReportingServices.ProcessingCoreQuery execution failed for dataset ‘OrderHed’..Net SqlClient Data ProviderInvalid column name ‘IsContiguous’.
Invalid column name ‘IsContiguous’.)
at Ice.Core.SsrsReportService.ReportExecutionService.SetExecutionParameters(ParameterValue[] parameters, String parameterLanguage) in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.0\Source\Shared\Lib\ReportingServices\ReportExecutionService.cs:line 189
at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.SsrsRendererBase.ConfigureReportServerForReport(String reportPath, ParameterValue[] parameters) in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\SsrsRendererBase.cs:line 169
at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.SsrsSingleDocumentRenderer.<>c__DisplayClass1_0.b__0() in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\SsrsSingleDocumentRenderer.cs:line 49
at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.SsrsRendererBase.TraceReportRendered(String printProgram, String ssrsRenderFormat, Func1 timedAction) in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\SsrsRendererBase.cs:line 88 at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.ReportProcessorBase.RenderReport(String ssrsRenderFormat, String printProgram, Boolean ignorePageSettings) in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\ReportProcessorBase.cs:line 247 at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.ReportProcessorBase.RenderReportForPreviewOrGenerate(RenderedSsrsReport renderedReport) in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\ReportProcessorBase.cs:line 408 at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.ReportProcessorBase.ProcessReportPart(String reportLocation) in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\ReportProcessorBase.cs:line 163 at Ice.Core.SsrsReporting.StandardReportProcessor.ProcessReportParts() in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\SsrsReporting\StandardReportProcessor.cs:line 31 at Ice.Core.RoutingAndBreaking.ReportPersister.Persist(ReportInstanceInformation reportInstance, Func2 reportsRenderer, Action1 fillSysRptLstRow, Action2 processReport, Func3 filterTableAttachmentsFunc) in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\RoutingAndBreaking\ReportPersister.cs:line 58 at Ice.Core.RptBase.ReportSsrsDatabaseBuilder.RenderUnroutedSsrsReport() in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\RptBase\ReportSsrsDatabaseBuilder.cs:line 309 at Ice.Core.RptBase.ReportSsrsDatabaseBuilder.RunSsrsReportIfEnabled() in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\RptBase\ReportSsrsDatabaseBuilder.cs:line 233 at Ice.Core.RptBase.ReportSsrsDatabaseBuilder.ProcessReportWithDataInPlace(Func2 executeCommand, Func2 executeReader, SqlObjectsCreated sqlObjectsCreated) in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\RptBase\ReportSsrsDatabaseBuilder.cs:line 111 at Ice.Core.RptBase.ReportDatabaseBuilder.XMLClose() in C:\_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\RptBase\ReportDatabaseBuilder.cs:line 93 at Ice.Core.RptTaskBase1.XMLClose() in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\RptBase\RptTaskBase.cs:line 198
at Erp.Internal.OM.SalesOrderAck.RunProcess(Int64 instanceTaskNum, String outputFileName) in C:_releases\ERP\ERP11.1.100.0\Source\Server\Internal\OM\SalesOrderAck\SalesOrderAck.cs:line 646
at Ice.Core.TaskBase`1.StartProcess(Int64 instanceTaskNum, String outputFileName) in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.3\Source\Server\Internal\Lib\TaskLib\TaskBase\TaskBase.cs:line 84
at Ice.Hosting.TaskCaller.InnerExecuteTask(IceDataContext newContext) in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.0\Source\Server\Framework\Epicor.Ice\Hosting\TaskCaller\TaskCaller.cs:line 117
at Ice.Hosting.TaskCaller.ExecuteTask() in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.0\Source\Server\Framework\Epicor.Ice\Hosting\TaskCaller\TaskCaller.cs:line 59
at Ice.Lib.RunTask.BpmFriendlyTaskLauncher.Run(String sessionIdPrefix, IceContext db, Action taskRunner) in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.0\Source\Server\Services\Lib\RunTask\BpmFriendlyTaskLauncher.cs:line 63
at Ice.Services.Lib.RunTaskSvc.InnerRunTask(Int64 ipTaskNum, Boolean suppressTransaction) in C:_Releases\ICE\ICE4.1.100.0\Source\Server\Services\Lib\RunTask\RunTask.cs:line 455

Yeah they told us that as well. Makes no sense because we have other custom reports that working

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Exactly what I was thinking. Our custom report that works was built off of the one that is not working and only slightly changed. For us it was working in Pilot up until Friday before the update when it stopped right after

If you open up the report in SSRS Report Builder, try removing the isContiguous field from the columns in the query. We did that and it seemed to work fine again

Thanks I will give it a try

We had this issue with a few report styles and addressing the individual fields in the error made it work again for us. Still worked in Pilot, which is frustrating because what’s the point of testing if things change on game day?

They do have that new tool for analyzing reports and fixing the rdd<->style matchup. Anyone had success with that?

Where is this tool located, what is it named, in Epicor to be able to run?

In Report Style Maintenance. It was suggested to me to run when I was having unrelated problems and it didn’t help. I’m not able to say that it won’t cause damage if used so maybe test on a copy of your main style first.


I tested it in Pilot and it said no issues were found but it still will not print

We upgraded to Kinetic and have the same issue that reports with a custom report data definition fail. I think the issue is that the report data definition and the report builder file no longer sync and have the fields matching up. I think we have to manually edit the report builder data set. I am trying to edit the dataset properties by going to the dataset in question, opening dataset properties, and then adding the custom fields to the expression.

After adding the fields to the expression, I then add the fields to the fields tab inside dataset properties.

You may also have to deal with the report labels in the same fashion.

Good luck. I still have not solved my own problem but think this is the direction that I need to take to get there.