Epicor Maintenance Module Value

I am asking for our Ops Team about the maintenance module. They have a quote for adding the Maintenance Module and it does more than they need, but are wondering if those that own it are happy with it?

Thanks for any feedback.


It uses the Job engine for production so it has some flexibility with scheduling via resources, calendars and taking machines out of production automatically - we’re trying to implement now and get to where it does that for us.

We think it’ll work well for us. It’s taking some time to get the equipment list, PM Operations, template jobs, topic strings, etc. all set up and tied together. We have noticed the one gotcha is that there has to be some data entry to close the PM and Work Order or nothing else happens on the PM schedule.

Our plan is to use tablets and the epicor web interface (EWA and MES) to let the guys be mobile, plus Docstar’s web interface to allow them to pull drawings, manuals, etc. for the machines electronically rather than paper.

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