Epicor Mobile Warehouse (EMW) - Scan Validation Issues

We are running into some issues with testing mobile warehouse as a replacement for our handhelds. We currently have enabled “Require part or pcid scan validation” and “Require from bin scan validation” for EMW. The bin scan validation works fine but not the part validation. There are no fields in “Process by ID” to scan the part, only the PCID (which we do not use).
When we have the “Require part or pcid scan validation” on, we get an error that the Process by ID cannot continue because we didn’t verify PCID scan.
Is anyone currently using Epicor Mobile Warehouse or running into the same, or similar issues? I have reached out to support but their response was
"Per our EMW development team, the process by ID screen does not use part or pcid, hence the error they are getting. The Process by ID screen is using the Material Queue Sequence Number not Part Number or PCID.”
This doesn’t make sense to me since the Process by ID screen has the PCID verification field and is requiring PCID verification.

This is being testing on our 10.2.300.18 environment.
Validation Settings:

Process by ID Screen:

Matt Hermsen

Was this ever resolved? What version of the Mobile warehousing are you on?