Epicor Mobile Warehouse - Receive From Job to PCID

Anyone familiar with the process of receiving materials from a job into a PCID within Epicor Mobile Warehouse?

Hi Bryan,
I don’t think you’re currently able to Receipt to PCID from the Handheld - but you are able to Receipt to Inventory & then build split merge PCID under the Package Control settings on EMW or an alternative option is to Receipt to Inventory to a non-Primary location I.e. a pending area. This should generate a movement request transaction on Material Queue which you can then process the line to it’s primary location & into a PCID. I haven’t tried or tested this suggestion but I’m sure a transaction move is generated in request queue when not sent to the primary bin… may need setting up first.

Not sure about the Mobile Warehose, but you definitely combine parts into one PCID in the MES. You can build a PCID, print a label, and then combine before receipt to the warehouse.

Thanks @Tomas and @Paul_Mayevsky. Working through your suggestions with our team, I will update you if we find a way to do this through EMWW. Probably going to ask them to add this as it was added MES.

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Quick update, Biscit has this in their development plans already.
We should be seeing the PCID and Serial Number options added to the End Activity in the next few months.

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Do they have a blog or list somewhere of what they are working on? I have a few to suggest, but if like to see if they are already planning on them.

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