Epicor on Multiple Servers (Apps & Databases)

For Epicor 10.2

I am wondering if any one has truly ran Epicor with exactly the same database (ie 2nd AppServer connected to replica database) on 2 or more servers?

With users user updating both replica and master simultaneously (any issues say creating Orders in same Company on both copies within milliseconds?)

Any specific licensing requirements?

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Based on Stephen’s response - it seemed that mine was irrelevant, I’ve removed it.


It is not possible yet in SQL to have an active/active cluster and support one database in a read-write mode on both of the replicas. (stack overflow)
With SQL 2019 and above it is possible for SQL to redirect non-write traffic to another replica and this is something we are exploring for BAQ and report type workloads we can infer.
That will give cloud users and anyone else using high available SQL another performance boost.


Many thanks Stephen.

I guess I was asking to much of Microsoft expecting them to implement multi-phase read/write lock mechanism to accommodate at least a cluster of two SQL Server Instances.

They must have achieve that on Azure Multi-Region N-tier Architecture, but we may want to do more with our DB server then just hosting Epicor which may be available on Azure in the required architecture.

But that is based on storage/availability groups…

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Would using Azure SQL Data Sync work for this application?


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@bconner Wasn’t sure who to ask this of, so you got the jersey :slight_smile:

Is there been any further updates to these investigations since @Edge suggested it was being explored?

BAQ are redirected to ReadOnly connection using ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly in connection string:

Thanks @Olga That’s interesting. But would this only hold true for external BAQs only? Is it possible to configure the SSRS reports to use the readonly replica? (That is the application side of querying the ERP tables to populate the SSRS reports database tables).

A bit of reading later…Unless I’m mistaken, and happy to be told otherwise, that setting ApplicationIntent=ReadOnly in the connection string, and if you a have the Read/Write routing configured in sql correctly it should work. Allowing reading of erp.x tables from the replica and still updating the ice.sysx tables in the primary master. This is all conceptual at this stage, I am just trying to understand this a bit more before I go and attempt to put it into a lab.

I have not seen any documentation about this, from an Epicor side of things, (and I know it is the customers responsibility to manage the SQL side of things), some guidance around the current limitations from a configuration perspective would be helpful. Does anything exist in the Epicor Technical world that could be shared?

Open help in browser and search for Execution Settings for example. It will tell about this option in BAQ (not only external)
Also I see info about “ReadOnly Database” but it is in cloud specifics, so I don’t know if this help available to everyone.


Sometimes you overlook the simple things… Thanks