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We are considering Epicor Pro Support. Does anyone use it/have feedback on if it is worth it? We are considering this because we have our go live coming up in a month. If anyone else has ideas on tech support for go live and a month or two after, would appreciate the advice.

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Sorry, no help, but also curious. I added my :popcorn: to this also.

Are you cloud or on prem? Is the concern that you may need support on the weekend outside standard support hours? Who is doing your implementation and are those people going to be available during your go live?

We are cloud – the concern is more around response time and level of support. Internal team plus Epicor consultants are running the implementation.

We were upselled Epicor Pro Support when we transferred from on-prem to the cloud. We are currently in the Government Cloud. It is utterly useless for us because after hour and weekend support comes out of the Monterrey, Mexico, location. Since we are gov cloud, we can only be supported by US-based support. So far, it has been very frustrating and painful when we have anything occur after 3 PM Pacific time Monday through Friday and have to wait for the following day to get help. They have no one on call after 5 PM central time in the Minneapolis location unless it is a severity 1 issue. We recently had an issue with our System agent and couldn’t print anything or run processes for about 15 hours. This didn’t warrant calling someone in to assist after hours.

@HeatherM Helpful feedback and good to know about after hours support. Have you found that tickets are responded to more quickly or escalated more quickly during business hours? Our biggest issue are tickets taking days to get resolved and general responsiveness. Not sure if Pro Support would help with that.

You would think 24/7 support would be standard for a company of this size.

We are about to embark on some pro support with Epicor to review our business processes and help us find ways to utilize Epicor more efficiently. I have high hopes for the meeting. The first one is that I hope management approves the support! Once we have had our review meetings I will post back with our experience.

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As a consultant partner, I had the best experience with Epicor support. We were able to call-in customer issues and log tickets with ease and no hassle.

As an end user, it has been hell. They fight me on every small detail, and I fight them on everything in return. Basic support is worthless, that much I know, and I wouldn’t consider paying even more to finally be treated like a customer.

edit: there are great members of support, some of them here, you just have to layer through to them.

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Honestly, we were on Epicor 9 on-prem before, so support was darn near non-existent. I don’t know what the experience would look like for standard cloud support. Most of our tickets get the obligatory, “we are reviewing your case and will assign and respond shortly” message, which I know is meant to satisfy their SLA metric. Outside of that, most of our tickets still take more than a day or two to get a solid resolution.

I agree. I don’t really care we are gov cloud; there should be SOMEONE who can pick up the phone after normal business hours.

A few months ago, I called in a Critical issue at 2:00pm after support applied a “Fix” to our Menu security that blocked EVERONE from ALL Menu items. (except login - menu was blank - i.e. we were out of business.

As mentioned previously we got the 'obligatory - we are looking at it" and it was not until the next morning that the error was corrected - by me i might add - I had them restore the previous days backup to Pilot so i could Solution Manager the Menu security back over to Live.

I was then “Scolded” for my comment about “no-one seems to care” since it was not relevant to the Case. They were “Offended” because they do care.

I do not intend to make this a gripe session - I am simply pointing out that if you are on standard support and require 24/7 coverage you will likely have to pony up extra $.

I do not have any experience with “Pro” so cannot say how different that is.


One of the main reasons I support this site. I cannot say how often someone helps me through a fix, or gives me technical knowhow to help me find the fix myself. I still rely on our Basic Support, but this group here is a Bonafide life saver.


Your tickets actually get resolved? Wow.

Sorry that was snarky. I do actually have cases that have been open for a year and still not resolved. But there are also times when support resolves an issue within a day. I would love to experience pro support at some point in my life to see if its more efficient.

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I didn’t want to be too negative. We also have 7-8 that have been bouncing around support and development for two-ish months and haven’t had any resolution.