Epicor Project Management

Does anyone use this module?

We get sample parts from customers and do color matching on them. This is followed by a back and forth approval process for the match. Once the match is approved, master samples are printed and stored for QC on future production. The volume of this work is quite high, and the time between start and finish can vary greatly. Right now all of this is managed outside of Epicor. They are asking if there is a way to bring this into Epicor. I am wondering if the Project Management module is suitable for this.

Perhaps this is a CRM situation and you create a case for the process. You can connect the case to various other entities like quote, order, project, part…

What about creating a part ‘ColorMatch’, which has a job that has ops to make the demo part, and subcontract ops where the customer provides feedback. We haven’t used it, but I’m pretty sure I saw where Epicor can mark Customers as Suppliers too. Although it might get tedious if you don’t automate creating PO’s, misc shipments & receipts, etc…

For Project, are you thinking of having phases and using the checklist tasks to see where the process is at? It could help, but seems like the whole project module might be overkill just for that.

Yes exactly. Visibility into what step we are at for each match (there are usually ~100 going at any given time) is exciting. The more I learn about the PM module though, I agree with the thought it might be overkill.