Epicor Re: Connect - Birmingham (UK)

Hi All,
Was just wondering how many of us from the Epiusers community will attending the Epicor Re: Connect event on Thursday, 16 June 2022 ?

Hi @ridgea,
Do you mean Epicor Group User ?

I might be miss-interpreting what you are asking but what I was referring to was the users from this forum.

Otherwise here is the link:

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many thanks Alex,
aha this is Epicor UK the main conference, great i did not get the invitation as i have moved to a new company and my new email not yet registered within the newsletter database, so thank you very much

I’ll be there. Confirm that this event is hosted by Epicor.

As a UK representative of EUG, I can confirm that we will be hosting our annual conference as usual in November as well.


No Worries Al, you’re welcome, hopefully see you there.
PS congrats on the news of moving company.

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