Epicor Rest API Access Issue - Azure AD Authentication

Epicor Rest API access issue

When I try to access the Epicor Rest API, I have given the Tenant Id and then entered the User Credentials.

URL: https://auscentraxxxxxxxxxx.epicorsaas.com/SaaS4xxxilot/apps/resthelp

But I have got the below error message. Can you please help to resolve this issue?

Are you able to connect to Epicor using the Smart Client or via the Web Browser using Azure AD? Did Epicor enable Azure AD on your Pilot system?

I try to connect through web browser using Azure AD.

But I am able to connect through Epicor Client using the Azure AD authentication.

Just to be clear, you CAN connect to Pilot via the Smart Client, but you CANNOT connect to Pilot through a web browser? Can you send a screenshot of the error that you’re getting logging into the Web Browser?

Also, what happens when you go to:


I have been asked to use the different service account from my Admin Team. Then it is working.

Thanks for all your support.