Epicor Rest Helper for Node (npm) V1

@jgiese.wci and I just published a similar helper library to the
C# Nuget or
Angular NPM package

It can be found here

This library helps make Epicor calls from a node application.

All the documentation for it is in the NPM Site.

Let us know if you run into issues


Added ability to create bearer tokens to the NPM.

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The link to the github repo appears to be incorrect

Looks cool, the npm page description for epicor-rest-node says for Angular but this should work independent of a framework, right?

There’s an angular specific one (link above) and this one is just for node (server side)

The angular package above is implemented as an angular service and has the service life cycle and singleton pattern so that one may be more useful if you are doing angular specifically

the description issue is a copy and paste blunder ill fix it

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GitHub link is fine but it’s private


Are you guys planning to make the repo public in the future?

We weren’t planning on it since the NPM packages allow everyone to use it and frankly… its JS the code is there in the NPM package anyways. Any particular reason why you want it in github?

To do pull requests or report issues mostly

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Got it I can give you access to this repo if you want to do pull requests I’m all for that. Ping me with your github username and I’ll invite you to this repo.

npm audit
# npm audit report

Severity: moderate
Axios Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability - https://github.com/advisories/GHSA-wf5p-g6vw-rhxx
No fix available
  Depends on vulnerable versions of axios

2 moderate severity vulnerabilities

Some issues need review, and may require choosing
a different dependency.

I assume this is because Epicor is on TLS 1.2 and the up to date stuff is TLS 1.3. Is this repo still being maintained?
I’m still working on this issue Epicor REST nodejs error EPROTO

Yes it is still being maintained. I’ll poke at and upgrade the axios library when I get a chance.

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Version 1.1.14 has been published

You can grab it with

npm i epicor-rest-node@latest 

Thanks for the heads up upgraded axios from version 0.21.1 to 1.6.7 also bumped node and typescript to latest.


npm audit now shows 0 vulnerabilities. Thank you so much!