Epicor Security - Only give access to certain people to certain screens

I’d like to lock down who can make changes to parts - secure the Part Entry screen. What is the best way to go about this, and is there possibly any documentation I could read on the subject to learn how to set this up?

Menu security is the easiest way to do this.


100% agree. I also create updatable dashboards. It streamlines the UI for the user and you choose exactly what they can or cannot modify. You can even make fields into dropdowns to really force them to pick only valid options.

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Be careful when you do this, and I’ll explain why.

When I came on board at my current employer, I was wondering why there were so many features that I could not find.

As it turned out, our menu security was so constrictive that it prevented performing basic functions. It took months for me to figure out what was going on.

Don’t go down that road. Please allow all the forms that a department may use to perform their functions. If you don’t know what forms those are, ASK.


Which one, the updatable dashboard road? Not arguing, just curious.

Thanks for the feedback, we are on the other end of the spectrum where anyone can change anything. We’ve recently found several part setup problems that wasted a lot of our time understanding the cause of the problems so want to lock things down a bit more(we’ll use a blacklist approach vs a whitelist approach to avoid the problems of overly constricting access).

Unrelated to this thread but end users are very frustrated in that they think Epicor is buggy because if you click near a checkbox, it will toggle and the explanation for part setup problems from end users is - we’re mad because Epicor is buggy so I’m being asked to lock down Epicor in an attempt to limit who can do damage in hopes of minimizing the damage… Personally I don’t get it, don’t randomly click and don’t click save if you didn’t mean to change things, but it’s one of those things where we have differing opinions and support doesn’t believe it’s a bug and no one else on the forum seems to have concerns…

My point is - be sure you fully understand the required forms for a particular area in your business (what does planning need? What does engineering need?). As you incorporate more Epicor functionality in your building, you will find that those needs can change. It’s especially hard on the folks doing the transactions if they are not even aware of the existence of the form.

Very true.

If you use a mouse and the wheel to scroll a window or list (long dropdowns), you often first have to click in the window to bring it into focus. A click into an area that you think is “safe” might not be. And I still struggle with knowing whether clicking in a window that is not in the foreground (to make it the active program), will only bring the window into focus, or if it with bring the window into focus AND send a click event to the control I happen to click on.

I also hate when you try to scroll aweb page and a list control has focus. This usually changes the value selected. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m so paranoid, that I only ever use the Shift key to bring a computer out of screen saver, or wake it up.


and it doesn’t help that Windows 10 has removed the border from a window’s frame. I can’t even tell where the title bar is!

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Yes! You are reading my mind with this whole post.

@JasonMcD @ckrusen what do you tell your end users - be careful? Have you found any solution to minimize end users changing fields they didn’t mean to?

I think others have suggested the idea of allowing people the access but turn on a change log for fields you are worried about. The you can at least prove what happened.

As paranoid as I am, I do find that does work pretty well.

Part Entry is the scariest screen, for sure. The impact of it, of course is a big reason. But the fact that so many different departments/roles are in the same screen with full rights. And in multi-site, people here still struggle with what is theirs to change, or they think they are modifying site B’s records but are actually modifying site A’s records, since it was the first one to come up.

I totally agree. fortunatly we have limited users for part entry, but still errors do occur.

For your multi-site issue, you could use themes having different background color. (for the order entry I used colors but not via themes though… ) there is the bottom showing of that info too via options…but who looks in there… :wink:

You could also modify the getlist method to only show the current site part records only ?