Epicor Smart Client

Is anyone out there using the Epicor 10 Smart Client across a WAN, for multiple sites? If so, how is it working for you? Is the performance decent?


Rory St. Lawrence
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Tecomet, Inc.

Works perfectly.

How far apart are your facilities? We’re spread out across the U.S. What version of E10 are you on?

The reality here is that performance is fully dependent on the internet service at each location. The more bandwidth the better the performance.


If the site is North America location to North American site it’s good.

North America to SE Asia (Singapore or Malaysia) it’s usually pretty good.

North America to China, not good. So much filtering by the Great Firewall that high latency causes a poor UX.

Site to site between SE Asia and China it’s better than going back to the US.

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We have a site in Malaysia that connects to a server in Australia. We ended up changing Internet service provider in Malaysia and that made a big difference. Made it usable (but only just). I suspect the original ISP routed traffic via Hong Kong then back down to Australia.

I now have to look at the same issue between Australia and Brazil…getting 400ms latency on that connection. Currently using the Web client in Brazil as i can give a URL and they are up and running at least.


Are you using net.tcp or https in your app server connection URL? We found using HTTPS had much better reliability (and a bit better perf) on high latency connections when we hosted SaaS ERP between ANZ and Asia endpoints.

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Do you share folders through WAN? (EpicorData) We are considering Remote Desktop though WAN because it is more stable for E9 (E10 smart client would be more tolerant on network issues).
HK-China network is not very stable, and self-built VPN is probably forbidden.