Epicor SSRS Print Preview Times - 10.2.700.3


We’ve migrated to 10.2.700.3 over the weekend and we’re experiencing some rather large response times when it comes to SSRS reports and their corresponding print preview times. Sometimes a report will render and return right away where other times you’re waiting for five minutes. Looking at the system monitor on my local PC the report is marked complete within a few seconds but I may not see the report for minutes. Sometimes I’m required to run the report a second time before both results are returned.

Looking at the server performance, both the application server and the SQL Server are not even breaking a sweat. I have two task agents handling requests, I can add more if needed.

Anyone have any ideas what may be the cause?

Try restarting the SQL Server Reporting Services along with Task Agent. Note the time before and after this activity.

I’ve restarted the Reporting Services service and Task Agents. I will monitor the times and let you know if they’re any better.

Anything improved ?