Epicor Tax Setup

Dear experts, Could you please suggest how to Setup the Tax in Saudi Arabia?

Thanks in advance.

My first thought is engage with one of the Epicor Team that works for the Epicor EMEA region.

There is a link on Epicweb to all the details:

Hoping you have the Tax setup for your UAE entity, you just need to replicate the same setup for KSA with the respective tax percentage.

@prash172, We didn’t do the setup for UAE entity.

Follow below steps

Create Tax Type
Finance Management -> Accounts Receivables -> Setup -> Tax Type

  • Enter code, description and select

  • Collection Method as “Invoicing”

  • Default tax timing as “Invoicing”

  • New Tax Rate

  • Enter code, description and save

  • New Effective Rate

  • Effective Date

  • Rate Type Select “Percentage”

  • Enter required VAT percentage as per KSA

  • Compare At (Document or line level discuss with your finance team)

  • Select “Document level” and save.

  • New GL Control

  • Select the GL control type and code.

  • GL control type “TAX” define a GL control code by assigning respective GL accounts.

  • Save

Create Tax Liability
Finance Management -> Accounts Receivables -> Setup -> Tax Liability

  • Enter code, description and indicate “Use in AR” and “Use in AP” ( discuss with your finance team)
  • Create New Tax Type
  • Select the Tax Type from the drop down
  • Select the Tax Method
  • Select the Exemption method as “No Exempt”

Add the Tax Liability in the customer master

  • Open Customer maintenance -> Billing -> Details
  • Enter the TAX ID of the customer

Create AR Invoice, it will calculate tax.
Your Company TAX ID can be mentioned in the company configuration.